Heatsoft Clone Cleaner

Heatsoft Clone Cleaner

Manager for your duplicate files
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Duplicate files are one of the major causes of unnecessary use of hard disk space. Buying a larger hard drive can solve the problem but then you uses up the hard drive, you write them to CDR. More and more space is required. Another way is to manage your files well, find out duplicate files and delete them. This is why Heatsoft Clone Cleaner can help to free disk space.

Main features:
Find duplicates by a file name, file size, and content
Find files that have different names, and same content like "my.doc" and "Copy of my.doc"
Fast checking for duplicates in Multiple drives
Compare large files and large number of files quickly
Smart marking allows deleting unwanted files automatically
Preview files before deleting
Ability to Copy files into a third folder
Ability to Move files into a third folder
Increase the hard disk space by deleting duplicates
Automatic group of files/folders occupy most space
Deleting duplicates files to the Recycle Bin
Ability to store log files (full log and error log)
Easy to use intuitive interface
Extremely cost effective

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